La ciudad

Gustavo Gili

Massimo Cacciari


Type Paperback
Language Spanish
Year 2010
Approximate size 150 x 240 x 80mm
Approximate weight 240 g
Pages 80 pages
ISBN 9788425223310


La ciudad is a small and short book about the city, starting with a philosophical approach to the conception of the roman and greek cities, trying to discover their roots, and developing a theory about the metropolis and their effects in the understanding of the contemporary city and the comprehension of the territory.


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  • New ideas to discuss the way we understand the contemporary city
  • Short book for a quick yet useful reading
  • Pleasant graphic design and small size to carry






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La ciudad is organized into six chapters, corresponding to a chain of thought that starts in the origins of the city, with the analysis of Roman and Greek cities, and that develops fully into the European city and the creation of the metropolis as an entity.

The chapters dedicated to the metropolis develop ideas about the transformation of the city into a metropolis and the consequences that arise from this – the relation of man and place, the types of spaces, the relation to the territory, the ideas of time and urban space, etc. Amidst the book some theme-related images complement the textual ideas.

The book provides new ideas about the contemporary city and the way of thinking about the metropolis, providing new information to feed a discussion about such an important theme in our epoch.






icon book as object

The book as object

La Ciudad is a small book with a size easy to carry  around. It has a soft beige paper printed with black matte ink and serif fonts in well spaced lines that allow a comfortable reading.

Images are placed into glossy pages, shorter than the rest of the book, depicting artworks relevant to the themes in discussion.

The cover is made of thin grey cardboard coated with a transparent soft varnish, giving it an interesting rubbery texture. A colorful typographic composition made of small symbols and dots brings some life to the cover, calling upon the main terms discussed in the book – “civitas”, “metropolis” and “posmetropolis”.









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