Pierre Zoelly


Pierre Zoelly


Type Hardback
Language English, German, French
Year 1998
Approximate size 315 x 300 x 20 mm
Approximate weight 1800 g
Pages 228 pages
ISBN 9783764357733


Pierre Zoelly is a rare book created by the architect itself, using his work as a main framework for a discussion about important points in architecture. Four main themes are selected – archetypes, paths, means and tendencies – and discussed with projects and “non-architectural” photographs and drawings.


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  • Large format photographs
  • Rare monograph about Pierre Zoelly’s work
  • Interesting break-down of some of the origins and processes of architecture




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This book is organized in four themes, depicting ideas in the process of architecture. All examples are from Zoelly’s work and contain ideas from archetypes (mountain, tree and roof), from the idea of path, from materials (“means”) and from processes (“tendencies”).

Each chapter has small texts along the images, highlighting important ideas and relevant facts for each project. However those texts are short in their size and just provide a little bit of information about what is seen in the photographs and drawings, leaving to the reader the task of deciphering additional information from the graphic material.

The interest of this book lies ahead of Pierre Zoelly’s work – his projects can be explored with some materials through the book but maybe the main interest here is to discover the creative process of an architect and the important themes that emerge when producing architecture.





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The book as object

Pierre Zoelly is a square book with an experimental graphic layout in black and white + red coloring, with drawings in red and other materials in black and greyscale. Sometimes red drawings overlap text and photographs, transforming the book into an almost-chaotic experience that, even though, can be read and understood clearly.

Due to its size it is difficult to read it in a place other than a table. However, when open, the book lays flat and allows a really comfortable reading time. Large photographs in the book are some of the most interesting parts as they fill the entire page and immerse us into the atmosphere of the photograph.






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