Breuer Houses


Joachim Driller


Type Hardback with dustcover
Language English
Year 2000
Approximate size 224 x 216 x 30 mm
Approximate weight 1090 g
Pages 272 pages
ISBN 9780714838939

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Breuer Houses takes twenty five houses designed by the Hungarian architect, Marcel Breuer, and examines them in detail, trying to figure out the stylistic evolution across the several decades. It isn’t an exaustive book on Breuer houses, as it provides data for just a small portion of the total. However, it sheds some light into the showcased projects and proposes some new hypothesis around Breuer architecture works.


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  • Archival photographs and plans throughout the book
  • Detailed account for the history and design process of each of the twenty five houses in analysis
  • High quality binding, paper and printing






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The book is organized in chronological order, according to the year of construction or project of each of the twenty five houses in analysis, and is preceded by two small chapters with generalist information on Breuer houses and his design process. Each house has a long text providing the historic background and has the corresponding plans and photographs.

A negative aspect to underline is the small size that some plans have, making it very difficult to read them. It is not the general case, however, and some chapters have larger plans, occupying an entire page, making it easier to watch and analyze them. Sometimes there are also some spreads entirely dedicated to photographs or plans, providing a better way to understand the projects. It should be noted that the main purpose of this book seems to be textual information, not graphical material, so you should expect a different balance of text and image in comparison to other architecture books.








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The book as object


Breuer Houses is a hardcover book with embossed fabric cover, making it a beautiful book even withouth the dustcover. A great care was taken in terms of graphic design, from the selection of type to the color scheme. Font size is, however, a bit small to read for a long time, and plans and photos, as noted before, are also too small in some cases.

The book has an excellent binding and the matte paper allows a comfortable reading for longer times, while keeping the crispness of images and plans.






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