Space Bookshelf is a project we created to provide useful and more complete information on books, mainly about architecture but also focusing, sometimes, in other related topics. What we intend to do is to develop a kind of online bookshop where, instead of leafing through the books, you can watch some details and sample pages, and read some information about their contents. It doesn’t substitute a real bookshop, but in online book buying it is not easy to know the book before you buy it. This way, we want to cover this missing link so that you can choose your books wisely before you buy them.

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Space Bookshelf provides information on books, including text reviews and photographs, which reflect a subjective point of view, for indicative purposes. Space Bookshelf cannot be responsible for any problem that arises from the usage of this information; Space Bookshelf cannot also be responsible for any situation that is involved with the usage of this website and their contents, including photographs and information. We try to give the most accurate information, however there can be some differences in book measurements and weights, as well as typographic errors. All information in this website is merely indicative.
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